The Street Quartet by Paul Keene

  • The Street Quartet by Paul Keene

The Street Quartet by Paul Keene

Written and recorded by Emilia Kozlovsky in July 2015

Hi. My name is Emilia.

As you approach the Street Quartet by Paul F. Keene, what sections of the painting are your eyes instantly drawn to?

Is it the bottom section because it is more detailed than any other part of the painting?

Is it the tall thin rectangle on the right because it is darker than any other part of the painting?

Or is it the top section of the painting with its bright colors and blurry shapes?

Whichever one it is, take a quick moment to first look at the bottom section.

What do you think the people are doing?

I think the people are singing. Look at the people in the middle. Their faces are dark.

Now look at the people to the right and left. Their faces seem to be lit with the light of a street lamp.

Now look at the top section. Do you see the colorful circular shape on the left? What do you think it is?

What about the large yellow shape in the middle? Could it be a fireplace, a piano, or even a giant chair?

Where is this scene taking place?

Is it at a gathering of some sort?

Is it at a bar or a restaurant?

Now look at the dark rectangle on the right side of the painting. Can you find the outline of a figure?

Paul F. Keene liked to listen to music when he painted. Do you think he was listening to Jazz music when he painted this mysterious work?

See if you can find any more mysterious paintings or sculptures throughout the Michener Art Museum.

Happy hunting!