Door and Surround by Phillip L. Powell

  • Door and Surround by Phillip L. Powell

Door and Surround by Phillip L. Powell

Written and recorded by Kate Bensing in July 2015

Hi, nice of you to join me today! My name’s Kate, and I was just heading to Phillip Powell’s world. Want to come along? I’m guessing you’ve never seen a door like this before; it’s very original. You can’t enter Mr. Powell’s world by car, plane, or any normal way of transportation. Take a good look at the door and then close your eyes. Picture yourself walking through door, and imagine the world on the other side. Walk into this world with me, and let’s greet the people we find.

Hi there!

What was that?

It’s me, the door.

Hello door - how did you get here?

I’ve come from many places.

I’ve seen the blue ocean,

and I’ve changed too.

My layers tell a story -

each one describes me.

Like you,

my layers combine

to create my personality.

From water to lava,

to a sunshine world,

imagine where I would be,

and where I will go.

I was inspired by beautiful works of art,

like bright tiles and shimmering glass.

I’ve tasted candy with Mr. Wonka,

stretchy taffy and gooey chocolate.

I’ve been under the sea,

I swam with slimy jellyfish.

The places I’ve been to

have made me who I am.

What has shaped you?

What a lovely story!

Go into this world, and find yourself in your imagination.

Thanks for going on this imaginary journey to Phillip Powell’s world with me.

You can use your imagination when you walk through the rest of the Museum as well.