Study for New London Facets by Lloyd Raymond Ney

  • Study for New London Facets by Lloyd Raymond Ney

Study for New London Facets by Lloyd Raymond Ney

Written and recorded by Claire Mundell in July 2015

Hi! My name is Claire, and I’m going to tell you about the Study for New London Facets by Lloyd Raymond Ney.

Lloyd Ney was a muralist from the Depression. The Depression was a time in history where the United States didn’t have very many jobs, and no jobs means no money. Lloyd Ney was one of the lucky ones. He got to create a mural for New London, Ohio. The government rejected the mural at first because it wasn’t realistic. But the mural later got accepted, and was put up in a post office. The mural you are looking at is a black and white study, or plan, for the finished mural. The actual mural, which hangs in a post office in Ohio, is very brightly colored. Isn’t that cool?

Now let’s play a game. The game is called the seek-and-find game. I ask you to find something in the mural, and you try your hardest to find it!

Ok, can you find the basket of apples? It’s on the left side.

Good job! There used to be a farmer who owned an orchard next to a schoolhouse. The kids from the school used to steal apples from his orchard! To stop them, the farmer would take a basket of apples to the school every day and share his apples with the children.

Now, can you find the covered wagon?

It’s in the upper left corner. That shows an important part of New London’s history. During the Revolutionary War, British soldiers burned down New London, Connecticut, so the people moved to Ohio. They traveled west in covered wagons that were pulled by horses, oxen, or mules. They named the new area New London in honor of their old town.

Ok, now look for an army jacket. It’s on the right side.

It’s close to the upper corner.

Do you see it?

Awesome! The people of New London made clothing and uniforms for soldiers who served in the American army for many years and through many wars.

Now, the triangle in the middle of the mural holds things you might see in a post office. Take a minute and try to find the scissors, the letters, and a stamp!

Who here likes trains?

Can you find the train in the top of the mural, behind the clock tower? It is pretty hard to see, so I’ll give you some time.

Amazing! That shows New London’s first train ever! These people lived a long time ago, didn’t they?

Can you find the round dome in the upper left, next to the covered wagons? That dome is the capital building, which shows thanks to the people of Ohio for giving not one, not two, but EIGHT presidents to the USA.

Finally, take a minute and try to find a hippo. Did you know that the first wild hippo in the US was seen by the people of New London?

I hope you like this mural as much as I do. Take as much time as you want to discover more hidden objects in this mural before you look at more artwork in the Michener Art Museum. Enjoy the rest of your stay.